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Pied de Star

RAYEN was created in Tunis in 1987 under the name BM CHAUSSURES. Its founder Mr Naceur Ben MESSAOUD, who lives for 35 years in the field of manufacturing of footwear has combined the creation and artistic approach to his studio and its outlets.

RAYEN turned first to the articles for the woman, she has consolidated its position at the regional and national to become finally a company exporting to different parts of the world, mainly North Africa and Europe.

His respect for the know-how of its predecessors does not AMENALLAH Mr BEN MESSAOUD, explore new directions and since the launch of its new brand FOOT STAR in 2000, proving that it is possible to combine the sense of tradition with the boldness.

This new brand is for the modern woman, listening to the fashion tendance its annual collection comes on heels of varying heights and styles at prices affordable to reconcile quality and comfort.

In order to satisfy a broad customer base and enable a large number of women to wear shoes in perfect harmony with their shoes tenuesLes FOOT STAR are made with materials increasingly innovative: leather sole and exclusive.